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The line

The line in the reality does not exist. Does not frame figures or flats, merely an abstraction, living in our mind, like the Thales-thesis, or the whole geometry. The sculptor, even the most realistic too, try to arrange however, his mass in the space by the help of this incorporate abstraction, drawing meantime he is modelling. The line, put down on paper, however, something else. Ponderous reality, under the magnifying glass, the Rocky Mount itself. The another chance for the sculptor extracting this material thing from the plane, moulding to solid shape, giving way to real and virtual space as well. If this materialised line fall back to the plane by the sculptor’s pencil, we could be witnesses the dual feature of the line.

(Unpublished text, 2005, for the “Drawing” exhibition of the Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists, hosted by the National Dance Theatre)